An investment in your future...

Belmont College is proud to announce the Trustees Scholarship.  The scholarship is funded by the Belmont College Board of Trustees, and is available for high school graduates in Belmont, Harrison, and Monroe Counties.
The scholarship has awarded more than $5.5 million over the past 20 years, and has made college affordable for thousands of families.  We urge any student who will graduate high school, who either attends high school or lives in Belmont, Harrison, or Monroe counties to apply.

We now offer the first two years of your Bachelor's Degree!

If your educational goals include advanced degrees in higher education, Belmont College is a great place to start.
Our new Associate of Arts (A.A.) and Associate of Science (A.S.) degrees are for students who want to take the first two years of a four-year program at Belmont.  These courses will fulfill your core requirements, so you can transfer from Belmont to your four-year college with Junior standing.
You will work closely with your Academic Advisor who will ensure that your program of study will include specific course that will meet the requirements of your four-year college or university of choice.
Concerts, field trips, theater, flag football, on-campus employment opportunities, dances, cookouts, contests, holiday events and many other activities make ours a vibrant and exciting campus. 

During the past four decades, Belmont College has helped more than 30,000 students reach their potential.

Get on the fast track to a new career in Business, Information Technology, Public Safety, Engineering, Building Preservation/Restoration, Nursing, Allied Health or Industrial Trades.
Click here for a list of programs and our current schedule.
We are now offering the first two years of your Bachelor's degree!  Our transfer degrees offer the core curriculum courses needed to transfer to a four-year college with Junior standing.
Our outstanding educational value, combined with excellent customer service makes Belmont College a great place to start. 

College TechPrep Articulation Agreements

Belmont College has agreements with the following high school programs, where you earn free college credit by testing out of beginning level courses:
Belmont Career Center                    
Bridgeport HS                                     
            Interactive Media
Martins Ferry High School                              
            Interactive Media
St. Clairsville High School                                 
            Interactive Media
Union Local High School                                  
            Interactive Media
Harrison Central High School                                  
            Interactive Media
            Business Management
Swiss Hills Career Center                 
            Business Administration
Contact your high school guidance counselor today to find out how you can receive college credit!