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Promotion of the application on Google Play

Promotion of the application on Google Play


Promotion of mobile applications using ASO optimization.


App Store Optimization (ASO) - application page optimization, the use of which increases the visibility of the application in search results and the growth of organic settings for your mobile application in the Google Play market. The use of data will help to reduce most of the cost of promoting the application, attracting targeted users, advertising and motivated traffic. Good ASO optimization will help you attract targeted users to the app for free. Reputation management helps you to attract new clients and hold customers on long-distance


ASO can be divided into two parts: optimization of the visual elements of the page (icon, screenshots, banner for the recommendation section, promo video, developer logo) and search engine optimization (description of the application). You have the opportunity to personally modify some of these elements. To achieve the best result for promoting applications to the top of the list, you need to constantly improve each element, do A / B tests, constant updates, and much more.


ASO optimization - the main elements:


• Name

• Full and short description

• Developer Name

• Icon

• Reviews and ratings

• Screenshots

• Video


One of the main factors in ranking applications in search results is the “name”. This is the first thing the user pays attention to, it should immediately show what your application is for. Then there is a better chance that the user will open the page with your application, and will not go away to look for something else. From the first seconds it is necessary to interest the user in an interesting and memorable name, as well as a beautiful icon. The title must include several key keywords that you’ll promote on Google Play. According to our statistics, the use of keywords in the name by 30% percent increases the chances of getting into search results at higher positions.


It is important to avoid repetition of keywords in the name, this will not affect the result in any way, and besides, there is a high probability that the application will be banned for spam by keywords.


On Google Play, the name of the application has a limit of 30 characters, this is not very much, so you need to use them as efficiently as possible. Practice shows that it is best to write a name at the very beginning, and then keywords for promotion.




One of the main elements that affects the position in the search results is the description of the application. The page on Google Play has two descriptions, a short and full description. A short description (the text above the “Read more” button, a limit of 80 characters) is displayed without exception to all users, so pay special attention to this block of text. Optimizing your short description using keywords can increase conversions by 15-20%.


A full description is much more important, it directly affects the position of the application in the search results. The description should be as clear as possible for the user, but at the same time contain keywords for promoting the application for certain requests. It is not advisable to repeat one keyword more than 4-5 times in the description, this will not affect the ranking and position in the rating, but on the contrary, it can entail a negative effect, up to banning the application for spam keywords. Also in the description it is recommended to use the sajest (search hints)


Sajests are search queries that users most often type in the search bar. In different countries, sajest are different and you need to select them for each country separately. Using sujest in the description significantly increases the chances of attracting free traffic from search results, but it is worth choosing the right sujest to attract target users and increase conversion. Particular attention should be paid to the first 167 characters, this is the most important part of the entire description. Use the most important keywords at the beginning of the description (the first 167 characters), then the application will be higher in search results than competitor applications with keywords below. But you don’t need to write meaningless text stuffed with keywords, the user sees this block of characters in the first place, so you need to make readable text and maximize the interest of the user from the first lines.

ASO Optimization: Developer Name


On Google Play, the name of the developer is taken into account when ranking. If you add several keywords to the name of the developer, then the applications on the account begin to fall into the search results for these keywords. Many developers miss this and do not optimize this element, but in vain.


ASO optimization: icon


The application icon is an element that the user pays attention to first of all, therefore it should be simple and attractive in order to instantly interest the user and at the same time convey the main idea of ​​the application. We have prepared several points, following which you can make a cool icon:


1. Do not place text on the icon, the conversion of such icons is much lower. The exception is the case when you have two versions of the application (paid and free), then on the free one you can put the word “FREE” somewhere in the corner. So it will be easier for users to distinguish between two versions of the application.


2. Do not use small items. Small elements will not add beauty to your icon, the user will still not be able to see them.


3. It is better not to use screenshots or photos as an icon, it looks very cheap.


4. Use bright and soft colors. Make 3 different versions of the icon, conduct A / B testing, and see which one is better converted to settings. The same thing needs to be done with screenshots.


Screenshot requirements


Application screenshots are one of the most important elements of ASO optimization. It is necessary to pay special attention to the design of screenshots, since it depends directly on their appearance whether the user will download your application or not.


1. The first two screenshots are the most important, their user sees first of all, they should place the main features of your application.


2. Do not write a lot of small text on the screenshot or use colors for the text that merge with the background. It is better to write a short text.


Block optimization with screenshots is most effective for increasing conversions in installations. In the screenshot, the user sees the application screen with the device frame and text annotation - a brief description of the features on the screen (you can use pre-selected queries).