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Your grade sheet for NURSING IV - CPTS OF FAMILY NURS CL (ADN 2140C-02A)
Devan Anthoni Pyciak
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The concept of toning is easy to understand, but in many cases it is misinterpreted and not used as it should be. Toning comes to mean something similar to strengthening , that is to say, to increase muscle mass in a light way, eliminating the fat that covers the area in question.

It is thought to mark the muscles , which is achieved by eliminating the existing body fat until achieving a low fat percentage, together with a previous process of hypertrophy work. Obtaining the desired muscular toning, as we can deduce from the previous paragraph, is obtained through two differentiated training methods .

That is, through an exercise routine that gradually increases the weight load lifted, we must focus to achieve it. Additionally , unless we are beginners, in order to gain muscle we must take a diet that makes the  daily caloric balance is positive. In this sense, it is important that we are clear, that for our body to create new muscle tissues, it must have a greater number of calories than it needs to maintain itself.

But do not worry, because this amount of weight gained, is eliminated in the next process. What is known as definition stage. The training methodology changes remarkably, since in this sense, we must maintain the intensity of the load handled, reduce the volume, and include cardiovascular work ( preferably HIIT ).

The idea is to balance it with a  hypocaloric and well-balanced diet . As we ingested very few calories, what we will end up causing is that all the muscle obtained in the previous stage, we will destroy it. And sometimes, we throw away everything we have achieved. So, it's important to keep the calories 300-500 below what we need to be at a stable weight. The consumption of proteins is important , to try to preserve the greatest amount of muscle while we lose weight.

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