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Waiting for $28,000. How to buy Bitcoin cheap and safe now.

Waiting for $28,000. How to buy Bitcoin cheap and safe now.

For the first time since August BTC's rate has risen above $11,000. It is possible that the coin will continue to rise in price. We tell you about the easiest ways to acquire the crypt currency and the risks associated with it.


In recent months, the price of bitcoin has been constricted in a narrow range. But yesterday, July 27, it overcame the psychological level of $10,000 and rushed upwards, rising to $11,400 a day and making a new yearly high. Experts surveyed by ChangeNow allowed the crypt currency quotes to continue growing, while billionaire and founder of Heisenberg Capital Max Kaiser predicted its price rise to $28,000. Perhaps, now is a good time to buy digital assets. We're talking about the easiest ways.

Exchangers .

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The traditional way of purchasing cryptocurrencies is through special exchange services. They offer buying and selling services for most popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and others. There are usually many payment options. You can exchange currency for digital coins using payment systems, bank cards, ATMs, cash and phone numbers.


When using exchangers to buy crypto currency, the user must do the following:


  • select the crypt currency

  • opt for payment

  • state the amount of purchase

  • specify the address to which the cryptographic software will be sent. It can be a cold or stock exchange wallet.

  • to transfer the money. In most cases, after the transfer you need to confirm the payment on the service page. Without it, the funds will not come.

The exchangers charge a commission for their services. Its amount is usually 1-3%, but in some cases it can exceed 5% and reach 10%. It is also very important to choose a service with prices that are as close to market prices as possible. If an exchanger has little stock of some cryptographic currency, it will overvalue its selling rate.


Aggregators will help you choose an exchanger. They collect data from most services and allow you to sort them by the best offer, reputation and other parameters.


Using the exchanger to buy cryptocurrency is not the safest way. First, there is a risk of using the services of scammers. To level it out, we recommend you to start working with an unfamiliar service with a small amount for verification.


Secondly, the user may make a mistake filling in the data when purchasing digital assets. This will result in a loss of funds. Blockchain does not allow you to cancel the operation.


Third, the price of digital assets is extremely volatile. It can collapse dramatically in a matter of minutes. In this case, the user who bought the crypt currency may lose on the fall of its rate, while the coins will move from exchanger to wallet.

Stock Exchanges


Exchangers were one of the first ways to buy cryptocurrency. Now the opportunity to buy digital assets is available on most major trading platforms. There are both pluses and minuses.


On the one hand, it is safer. If you buy cryptocurrency on an exchange you have been trading on for a long time, you exclude an extra participant from the deal. Thus, you reduce the risk of using the services of an exchanger, behind which there are cheaters.


On the other hand, the commissions for buying cryptocurrencies may be higher than those set by exchangers. Trading platforms in most cases do not sell digital assets themselves, for this they work with third-party services. In other words, a user does not buy bitcoins or other coins directly from an exchange, but through an exchange from another company. In this case, the client can pay a double commission, so you should carefully check the terms of the transaction.


It is important to keep in mind that exchanges are also not a guarantee of reliability. Trading platform can take the client's money, be hacked or go bankrupt. In our previous article we described in detail on which platforms it is risky to keep money.

Other ways


Exchanges and exchanges are intermediaries. It is possible to purchase cryptocurrency without their participation. The easiest way, and probably the most unreliable, is to buy bitcoin with your hands. Like making a deal with a man and handing him cash when he meets. It's an extremely risky way, only acceptable to people you trust. Otherwise, there is a risk that the counterparty will sell the coins more expensive than the market, cheat at the transfer, citing a technical error, or even rob.


To eliminate such risks, we have developed special p2p services. These are platforms where users exchange with each other, and the system ensures that one of the participants in the transaction will not cheat the other. The most popular of such platforms is LocalBitcoins.


One more way to buy a bitcoin is with the help of Telegram bots. In the messenger you can find special programs, create your own wallet on them and store on it cryptocurrency or, having bought it, send to another address. This is a convenient way, but also risky. In this case, you do not even trust a person, but a service that can stop working at any time, and the chances to find its founders are minimal.